Terberg Special Vehicles
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Terberg Special Vehicles


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The Dutch company Terberg is the biggest company in the manufacture of port tractors in the world. Port tractors are popular all over the world for their qualities, such as robust chassis, reliability and driver’s comfort.

Terberg developed a very popular product, having a great success in the tractors’ market in Italy. The reason for this huge success is the accuracy that Terberg puts in the machines manufacture and because the company is able to meet costumers’ requirements. Therefore the product is reliable and easy to use and it has a great quality at the lower price possible.

Terberg range includes the YT model suitable for logistics operations and for the trailers transport in container terminals. RT and TT models are designed for RoRo operations and they have a fully rotating steering console in order to operate the tractor safely and efficiently especially in the on-loading / off-loading of the trailers from the cargo boats.



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